Brand Strategy

Clear strategic action for your brand’s future

Behind every great brand is a clearly defined brand strategy that helps inform the choices they make as a business. It’s made up of some vital things, like who their target audience is, the distinct voice they use to speak to them and the values that connect them – helping them fall in love with the brand. Sounds important, right? Well, that’s why it’s the starting point for so many of our projects. 

The strong foundations of a brand

As the old saying goes, you can’t build something strong on weak foundations, which is why it’s so important to get your brand strategy right. It’s the foundation from which everything is subsequently built and will inform everything you do – from how you communicate to what you say and where you say it. 

It helps to define what customer experiences are going to engage with your target audience and drive them to do what you want them to do – whether it’s spending their hard-earned cash with you after a hard day at the office or recommending your brand to anyone that will listen.

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Making it easier for everyone

The brand strategies we develop for our clients influence everything that follows. By defining the positioning of the brand, its values and its personality, it makes it so much easier to translate it to a tangible experience strategy, as well as allowing our branding and interior design teams to express the brand more effectively across all touchpoints – whether it be online or on-site.

This creates a cohesive and consistent brand for our clients, as well as the most compelling holistic experience possible for customers – all informed by the client’s objectives and insights.

It also makes decision making a breeze for our clients. After all, once you know what your brand stands for, who it needs to communicate with and how best to engage with your audience, it becomes a much clearer which opportunities should be leveraged and which may muddy your brand image. 

Put simply, it provides you with a framework in which everything should fall out of. And if something subsequently doesn’t feel right, chances are it's not the right fit for the brand and your customer.


It all starts with immersion and insight

When it comes to how we approach brand strategy at Keane, we start by fully immersing ourselves in our clients' worlds. From undertaking macro and micro research to analysing customer data and insights and doing internal stakeholder interviews, we get to know your brand, your team and your customer. 

We then use this to develop a considered strategic output that delivers against your needs and helps achieve your goals, taking you on the journey every step of the way, from early engagement workshops to review and refinement sessions later in the process. 

This output differs depending on the project, from brand positioning models to articulate your brand DNA to internal and external stakeholders to brand hierarchy documentation that outlines your brand architecture – we adapt our approach depending on your needs. 

Your input is essential to a find a successful solution, which is why collaboration is king when it comes to how we deliver brand strategy for our clients. 

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Five great reasons to define your brand strategy…

1. Stand out from the crowd
A well-developed brand strategy defines your USPs and will lead to communicating your benefits more effectively across a myriad of touchpoints, enticing new customers and convincing them to ditch your rivals.

2. Love and loyalty
The old adage of “people don’t buy products, they buy brands” still rings true today and a strong brand strategy is the catalyst by which customers will understand, engage and eventually fall in love with your brand – turning them into loyal advocates.

3. Creating alignment
A successful strategy forges out a clear market positioning and proposition. By establishing what the brand stands for and how it behaves, it will create complete alignment for a brand and business.

4. Commercial value
It might sound obvious, but getting your brand strategy right will ultimately lead to a big upside in commercial return, because brands are powerful drivers of trust, repeat purchases, and wide-spread recognition. What’s more, they are also incredibly valuable business assets.

5. Employee retention
Being able to articulate your vision, mission and values will allow your teams to get behind your business and share a common purpose, which is invaluable in creating company culture and attracting and retaining great people.