Unlocking the full potential of your F&B assets

People are fussy about what they eat. Some people even argue that our food choices, dining preferences, and social circles define us as individuals. So, if F&B is important to you, what are the key questions you are asking yourself.


I’m a developer of a large mixed-use project

  • How do I decide the F&B mix and GLA?
  • What’s next after 50 years of foodcourts?
  • Same old F&B names or bring in innovators and entrepreneurs?


I own/operate a hotel - how do I make  F&B work harder for me

  • There has to be another way instead of all day dining, speciality and a café?
  • Please tell me what my guests want from breakfast, room service etc-show me the research!
  • I’m tired of hearing how good free-standing restaurants are…


I plan to build a new restaurant; what’s next?

  • How do I find a gap in the market?
  • How do I choose a concept based on what’s missing in the market?
  • What can I do with diminishing margins?
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Strategy outweighs intuition

F&B has changed dramatically in recent years. Everything has changed from the way food is sourced, prepared and served. It’s a constant state of flux that has an impact on assets and the people that eat or work there.

Food is emotional and culturally distinct; customers are more demanding and discerning than ever, their relationship with food has never been more complex.   

Social media has become a powerful and sometimes brutal, tool for measuring performance and shaping public perception.

In today's highly competitive landscape, relying on guesswork or intuition is no longer enough; securing guest loyalty requires a higher level of thinking; a sound strategic approach. 

And some developers aren’t getting the fundamentals right; we ran a study with 11 mixed use developers and found that in three quarters of the developments, the F&B was the wrong amount, wrong location and/or wrong concept.

Given these challenges, making informed decisions about F&B space and mix requires a multifaceted approach taking multiple factors into account. This is where we come in.  

Keane is a global leader in providing strategic advice in F&B for developers, hotel owners, operators and entrepreneurs. We offer a comprehensive analysis of the market, guest preferences and industry trends to help you make the right choices for your business.

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Fb Consult Meeting

Robust, challenging and innovative

Investing in the strategic development of an F&B portfolio is crucial for achieving long-term success. We understand the unique needs of each project and work collaboratively with the project team, recognising existing F&B strategies and committed to asking the tough questions and challenging assumptions. We demonstrate thought leadership and will always ensure that all factors are borne in mind when making considered recommendations. Our goal is to help you build competitive advantage by delivering innovative solutions that are future-proofed and exceed your expectations.

Our commitment to staying on top of trends and best practices are the foundation of our success. We have extensive experience in the markets we serve, and when working in new markets we do the hard work, conducting thorough research to gain a comprehensive understanding of current trends and emerging opportunities. We partner with established and reputable research firms to gather the data to inform a complete picture of the market ensuring our clients benefit from the latest insights and strategies.

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How much F&B space/GLA/
sustainable volume?

We pride ourselves on using unique, industry-recognised methodologies to evaluate F&B space, develop winning concepts and identify the right business models. We utilise a proprietary and proven behaviourally driven space model to determine the optimal number and type of F&B offerings. This approach enables us to provide accurate financial forecasts and recommendations tailored to the unique requirements of each development. And our team stays close to our clients providing ongoing support to ensure that projects are successfully brought to life.

We never rely on guesswork or "copy and paste" solutions from previous projects. Our extensive experience and a customised approach to each project is the foundation of our delivery of robust and sustainable strategies aimed at optimising profitability, ROI and asset value which drive our recommendations on the right operating model going forward.


Creative makes capital dance

For years, the industry said ‘location, location, location’. Things have changed; concept, experience and space are just as essential. Our greatest successes have come when working with our design teams, providing a seamless client experience, a cohesive and integrated approach, out of the box thinking and innovative solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

Choreographed by our talented multi-disciplined team of consultants in the UK, Dubai, Riyadh and Bangkok, our guiding belief that creative makes capital dance helps our clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve sustainable, long-term growth in the dynamic and ever-evolving F&B landscape.

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