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Our Brand Assets


Here, you'll find everything you need to set your client's world on fire – all the tools to express your unique energy and channel it through a Keane lens. As you do, remember to strike that balance. We are head & heart combined. A seamless blend of consultation and creativity.
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Brand guidelines

Everything you need to know. Look out for future updates to these guidelines and come back here to stay in the loop.



Our logo in every colour and format you'll need.



Headings – Obviously Condensed
Subheadings – Swear Display
Body Copy – Obviously
Our brand fonts are available on Adobe Fonts – although to avoid issues with of us having access to Adobe Fonts and some of us not, please download the following fonts and install them on your machine.

Colour Swatches

All our colour breakdowns, and download link for Adobe swatches.

Experience Red

CMYK: 0 / 100 / 80 / 0
RGB: 228 / 3 / 46
HEX: #E4032E

Club Navy

CMYK: 100 / 100 / 0 / 90
RGB: 12 / 0 / 29
HEX: #0C001D

Legacy Purple

CMYK: 85 / 79 / 28 / 15
RGB: 66 / 64 / 111
HEX: #42406F

Canvas White

CMYK: 4 / 3 / 4 / 0
RGB: 247 / 246 / 245
HEX: #F7F6F5

Gradients & Spotlights

A selection of preset gradient & spotlight backgrounds.


Team Profile Shots

Photos of every member of our team (so far). Download the latest suite here, and read the guidelines for advice on how best to use them.


Brand & Interior Templates

Strike the balance between personality and purpose. Here, we've redesigned a previous Keane project for both brand and interiors, a great base for how our brand is fit for purpose in a tangible example.

Powerpoint Template

Before you download our master template – read the guidelines to understand how each layout works, and make sure the correct fonts are downloaded and installed. If there's anything you're not clear on – as a member of the Brand Design Team.
As you create new documents & decks – send them back to the Brand Design Team to keep the feedback loop up to date.