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Here you'll find opinion pieces and our take on the latest trends, as well as news and info on recent goings on at Keane. All researched and written up for your viewing pleasure. Get a coffee and have a read...

  • Opinion
27th November 2023 6 min read
5 Secrets to Naming a Successful Brand

All the hidden tips and tricks we've gathered over many years of naming brands, in one place.

  • Trend
27th November 2023 4 min read
How fun-first coffee brands are winning over Gen Z

The more light-hearted approach to coffee winning over Gen Zers

  • Opinion
27th November 2023 6 min read
The best independent F&B businesses in Birmingham

Our round-up of the must-visit places in our founding city

Energy Drinks Blog 3
  • Trend
10th November 2023 5 min read
Trends giving the energy drink market a boost

We take a look at four trends driving the success of the energy drinks market

  • Opinion
7th November 2023 9 min read
Maximising sales through menu design

Maximising sales through menu design

Art Directing Blog R0011499
  • Opinion
20th October 2023 6 min read
How Art Direction drives sales

Imagery and its ability to tantalise tastebuds and evoke hunger

Colour Trends 1 Cover Image
  • Trend
20th October 2023 3 min read
Colour Trends AW 23/SS 24

Visualising how the latest colour trends may come to life

  • Opinion
17th October 2023 4 min read
The importance of Brand Architecture

Building the foundation for success with clarity and consistency.

BLOG Taylor Swift Effect 1
  • Trend
6th October 2023 6 min read
The Taylor Swift effect

The Taylor Swift Effect has been all over the press, with the star's impact on the NFL not going unnoticed. So what can marketing leaders learn from it all?

BLOG Caviar 1
  • Trend
6th October 2023 4 min read
Caviar's chic comeback

Caviar has undergone a major makeover, and it’s officially cool again!

Future Night Out Gen Z Hand In Air
  • Opinion
12th September 2023 12 min read
What Does the Night Out of the Future Look Like?

It's not just Gen Z who are drinking less, so what does the night out of the future look like?

Gen Zers Drinking Less Alcohol
  • Trend
7th September 2023 6 min read
Last Orders? Why Gen Zers are Drinking Less

It's no secret that Gen Zers are drinking less, and it goes without saying that has been cause for concern amongst business and brand owners in the hospitality sector over the last few years. But what exactly is causing the change in behaviour?

Dan Smedley K P6udeklki Unsplash
  • Opinion
29th August 2023 3 min read
Hospitality’s Dirty Little Secret

The hospitality industry's underbelly reveals a constant struggle between offering attractive pricing to customers and remaining profitable.

  • Trend
26th August 2023 5 min read
How alcohol brands are serving up eco-options

Sustainability is top of mind for a growing cohort of alcohol consumers

  • Trend
24th August 2023 4 min read
How luxury retail is utilising F&B

Luxury fashion and jewellery brands are launching into the hospitality and leisure realms with upscale eateries

BE AT ONE BLOG BAO July 2023 10 RT
  • Opinion
24th August 2023 3 min read
Refining the core Be At One brand foundations

How we refreshed the brand by maintaining their strengths and addressing the areas for improvement

  • Trend
24th August 2023 5 min read
The rise of the 3* hotel

How hotel brands are giving travellers more, for less.

Nike House Of Innovation
  • Opinion
3rd August 2023 9 min read
4 experience strategy examples that prove physical retail is still vital

Physical retail has had its challenges over the last few years, but some brands are proving it still has its place.

Pizza Hut Old School
  • Opinion
3rd August 2023 5 min read
The most powerful emotion you’re not using in your experience design

There is one emotion which, used correctly, can be immensely powerful in experience design, but which is very rarely focused on.

BAKERY BLOG Annie Spratt Sz6bmy4r4hc Unsplash
  • Trend
29th June 2023 7 min read
The rising cult of bakeries

Post-covid bakeries are gaining a cult-like status. 

  • Opinion
19th June 2023 4 min read
The Journey of Hospitality

Then, Now, and the Tomorrows yet Unseen

Hospitality Opt Image 3
  • Opinion
8th June 2023 5 min read
Positive futures for UK F&B

Our team share thoughts on what the UK F&B sector has to be optimistic about

Future Hospitality Blog 1.
  • News
8th June 2023 5 min read
Future Hospitality Summit 2023

The Direction of KSA Dining

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