As we celebrate International Hospitality Day at Keane, with nearly 30 years of creating hospitality spaces and experiences, we’re reflecting on why hospitality is so important in our lives. It's about way more than just providing a service; it’s about creating moments, connections, and lasting impressions on those we serve.


Why hospitality matters

At its core, hospitality is about making people feel welcome, valued and understood. In a world that often feels disconnected, hospitality bridges the gap, fostering genuine human connections and creating spaces where people can feel at home (or somewhere better than home!), no matter where they are.

Whether it’s a cosy restaurant, a luxurious hotel or a quaint beach bar, hospitality has the power to uplift spirits, evoke emotions, and enrich lives.


Crafting memorable experiences

As experts in the hospitality industry, we understand the responsibility that comes with creating unforgettable experience for our guests.

From the moment they step through our doors, we strive to engage their senses, ignite their passions, and exceed their expectations at every turn. 

Our team is dedicated to curating spaces that not only captivate the eye but also stimulate the soul. Drawing inspiration from our own standout experiences, we infuse each design with elements of warmth, authenticity, and innovation, ensuring that every guest feels transported to a world of wonder and delight. 


Our own memorable hospitality experiences

Our team aren’t just out there creating these experiences, they are living them too. I asked them to share their most stand out exceptional hospitable experiences – the moments that really left a lasting impact and inspired them. 

Account Executive Zara Khan recounted her enchanting evening at Harry Dolce Vita in London, where impeccable service and a welcome atmosphere turned a quick dinner into a four-hour adventure. 


Midweight Brand Designer Harveen reminisced about her birthday celebration in Namii in Manchester,  where stunning interiors, innovative cocktails and captivating storytelling made for unforgettable dining experience. 

Junior Interior Designer Alsmith, remembered her impromptu lunch at Made In Italy in London, where every detail, from the rustic décor to the authentic cuisine, evoked the charm of a traditional Italia trattoria. 

Senior Account Manager Alex Powell recalled an unexpected delight at The Standard Hotel in New York, where even the restrooms offered breath-taking views of the city skyline.


Head of New Business Ollie praised the casual yet refined experience of Opheem in Birmingham, where Michelin-starred cuisine is served with a touch of relaxed warmth that challenge any 'stuffy' fine dining reputations. 

Concept Director Andy Bille cherishes the genuine connection he found at a beach bar is Isla Mujueres, Mexico, where a simple question sparked meaningful conversation and a lasting friendship.

Brand and Experience Strategy Director Louise Salisbury commended the elevated family-focused hospitality at Helea Resort in Rhodes, where every detail is thoroughly curated to ensure a luxurious yet comfortable experience for guests with their family.


Chief Creative Officer, Mike Roberts shared witnessing the team at Dobbie’s Garden Centre intentionally burning toast for an elderly couple on the next table. As regular guests, the team knew exactly how they preferred their tea and toast, serving up the treat in a way they wouldn’t usually do for their customers, but knowing it would be exactly what the couple wanted.

Senior Account Manager Keshia described her experience at Taj Fort Aguada Hotel in Goa. The genuine warmth, meticulous attention to detail, and personalised care extended by the entire team made her feel incredibly valued. From personalised greetings to thoughtful gestures such as fresh flowers and remembering her family’s preferences, every aspect of their stay felt tailored to their needs. It was a hospitality experience that transcended expectations, getting a level of attention that felt like they were the hotel’s only guests.


These experiences serve as reminders of the transformative power of hospitality and inspire us to continue crafting moments that resonate deeply with our guests.

As we look ahead to the future, we remain committed to our mission of creating spaces and experiences that inspire, delight and bring people together. Together, lets continue to celebrate the art of hospitality and the profound impact it has on our lives. 

If you want to talk about your own hospitality business, big or small, get in touch here.