The time has come for Britons to honour their dear mums. How can we avoid disappointing them (again)? Data from YouGov Surveys have revealed what British mothers really want to do and receive as gifts on their special day.

How they want to spend their time?

Most mums want to spend Mother’s Day with their children (70%), with another 31% saying they’d like to spend time with their own mothers/family. One in ten (11%) say they’d like to spend time on their own, including a respondent who specified that on Mother’s Day she’d like to “Go out for a meal alone, drinking wine on the beach alone, then going home to spend time alone…”.

About a third of British moms (30%) would prefer not to spend Mother’s Day with their children. Among this group, spending time at home is the most popular Mother’s Day activity (27%) followed by doing nothing (25%) and going out to eat or drink (25%).


Food & drink is the top activity of choice

Aside from spending time with their children, going out to eat or drink is the most popular activity among mothers at 37%. This is followed closely by spending time at home (31%).

The most popular gifts among mothers are greeting cards, with 43% of mums saying they’d like to receive one. This is followed by flowers (39%), being taken out for a meal (34%) and something handmade by the giver (28%).


This survey gives us a promising update on Mother’s Day and how hospitality brands can continue to maximise it as an annual occasion. 

Whilst hospitality brands are used to dialling up the Mother Day messaging and driving bookings for Mum and the rest of the family, is it time for them to start looking at additional ways to answer Brit Mum’s wants and needs?

There are 11% of Mum’s who want to be able to spend time on their own. Can your restaurant, café or bar provide the ideal space for Mum to switch off and enjoy some well-deserved time on her own?

With almost 40 percent of Mum’s likely to receive flowers and 34% who like to be treated to a meal, can your restaurant, café or bar provide them both? An exclusive Mother’s Day meal deal that includes a bouquet of flowers (and maybe even the option for kids to create something homemade whilst they wait for their food – ticking off what another 28% love to receive).

At Keane we are all about creating the best customer experiences, using these insights we can create the most enjoyable day for our Mum’s. Instead of approaching Mother’s Day 2025 with the same food offers as this year, lets challenge the norm and provide a day she will really remember. 

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