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INDEX Design Talks presents InCircle

The annual INDEX Design Talks are a highlight of the design calendar, bringing together industry leaders for thought-provoking panel discussions. This year we present you with 'InCircle' - a stage like no other. 

A Stage Designed for Connection

InCircle throws out the traditional stage setup, opting for an amphitheatre-inspired design that encircles both speakers and audience. This unconventional approach fosters a more inclusive and dynamic environment, as Esra Lemmens, the panel moderator, enthusiastically shared: "I've been doing the INDEX Design Talks for a couple of years and this stage is my favourite by far. It's absolutely next level and I've spent more time here than anybody else." The circular layout creates a sense of intimacy, evident in Esra's observation of "more audience engagement than previous years."

Incircle - Panelist Photo

Panel Discussion: Redefining Spaces: The Evolution of Design in Interactive Environments

Widening the Circle: the use of Screens and Swivel Chairs

We worked closely with furniture supplier The Bowery Company to incorporate swivel chairs, allowing panellists to easily address the audience directly or turn towards each other for focused discussions. Christiane Nasr, Founder of The Bowery Company, said that the circular shape of the stage and the circular chairs is “similar to a fire pit” which in turn “encourages intimate, raw and open conversions.”

We also incorporated three large screens provided by Media Pro. This ensures that no matter where you're seated, you can always see the speaker and feel included in the conversation. The screens are also a valuable tool for panellists who want to share a presentation or keynote during their talk.

InCircle - bowery company chairs

Fest swivel chairs provided by The Bowery Company

A Pop of Color with Purpose

The mint green colour scheme adds a refreshing touch to the space. Striking yet calming, the colour choice wasn't random. Mint and various shades of green symbolise vitality, fostering creativity and growth within the InCircle concept. Their vivid hues evoke positive emotions, promoting a sense of freshness and rejuvenation. The calming nature of mint makes it an ideal choice for the foundational backdrop, enhancing the overall experience of inclusivity and vibrant dialogue. Amit Dinaanath, Sales Director at OKMiddleEast, added that "green stands for communication, green stands for going, green stands for engagement, which goes very well with the concept." Even one of the audience members pointed out that the mint green is a very unique colour that she has not seen or used before.

InCircle - Colour

InCircle mint green

Lighting the Way for Creative Thinking

HudaLighting played a crucial role in setting the mood with carefully chosen lighting. "4,000 kelvin, the temperature of all the lights, is mainly used for stimulating environments, it shows more cleanliness, vibrant atmosphere," explained Yeghya Mardirossian from HudaLighting. The cooler colour temperature creates a vibrant atmosphere that fosters creative thinking and compliments the mint green colour choice.

"We used LED lights," explained Yeghya, "because they provide the same crisp, clean look as traditional fluorescent tubes, but with a major advantage: 95% of the energy goes to the light output, while only 5% is wasted." This focus on efficiency makes LED a sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solution. In contrast, fluorescent tubes waste a significant amount of energy as heat, making them less sustainable in the long run.

InCircle - Lighting

LED lighting provided by HudaLighting

Sustainability and Functionality Come Together

Sustainability was a key consideration in the design. We partnered with OKMiddleEast for construction, utilising water-based paints that not only have less of an impact on the environment but also dry in rapid speed. This eco-friendly choice paired perfectly with the modular system developed by OKMiddleEast. "We worked together for the first time and the experience was amazing," shared Amit Dinaanath, Sales Director at OKMiddleEast. "Marco is a wonderful person and very easy to work with." The modular design, inspired by Lego, allows the stage to be dismantled and reused for future events, minimising waste. The fast-drying water-based paints also ensured the flexibility for last-minute touch-ups, keeping the stage looking its best throughout the event.

InCircle - sustainability

Material Selection & OKMiddleEast Construction

A Holistic Design Experience

Marco highlighted the collaborative spirit behind the project: "I collaborated in depth with our branding team, they were very supportive ... we shared teasers online on our social media channels." Marco added "The approach to InCircle was very holistic, I was really living it." This dedication to a cohesive vision is evident in the final product - a stage that's not just functional, but a vibrant hub for design discourse.

InCircle - branding

InCircle teasers by our Brands Team

Amplifying Audience Engagement: The Power of Reflection

Beyond the stage itself, the InCircle experience extended outwards, fostering a sense of audience participation. Mirrored circles, reminiscent of a bustling underground passage, were created in collaboration with Capsule Art. These mirrored installations served a dual purpose: providing a playful opportunity for attendees to take photos and see themselves reflected as part of the circle. A strategically placed QR code linked to a dedicated landing page, allowing visitors to upload their photos and contribute to the ongoing conversation. This clever use of reflection and technology blurred the lines between audience and stage, fostering a sense of unity, connection, and a seamless flow of ideas.

InCircle - Activation

InCircle activation in collaboration with Capsule Arts

Glowing Feedback 

"Special thanks to Marco Maximus from Keane for the beautifully designed stage that added a touch of elegance to our sessions." - Firas Alsahin (Founder of 4Space)

"Really enjoyed listening to the wonderful presentation about the ideas brainstorming and challenges you guys faced while designing the "Design Talk" area at Index!! Congrats for the amazing outcome" - Yasmine Makar (Sanipex)

"I wanted to reach out and say how much I loved the design of the INDEX panel stage. The Design Talk Amphitheater was truly impressive! Your concept of "In Circle" really enhanced the experience, making it more engaging and dynamic. The mint green color scheme was a perfect choice, encouraging creativity and calmness. Congratulations on a fantastic job!" - Kashif Khan (IFL Interiors)

"Attended your talk yesterday in INDEX and thank you so much for such detailed insight into your thinking process while designing the very stage. The colour choice was not only different but actually made it simple to spot from a distance, and in an exhibition like INDEX where I often get lost, it was a life saver. The circular arrangement of the stage actually had more impact and made me more engaged with the panelists and it made me want to come back to the space more and more. And to think that all this was pulled off within a span of two weeks from designing to creating mockups to the actual stage, it just added to the fascination regarding that design." - Vidhya K S

InCircle - wide angle corner

The InCircle experience doesn't stop here! We'd love to help you create a show-stopping interactive installation for your next event. Contact us today.