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Paul Clifford (CID Group Editor), Marco Maximus (Senior Interior Designer at Keane), Farah Istieteih (Associate Design Lead at XBD Collective), Mohammed Aqra (Co-Founder of the Arab Fashion Council) and Ilio Allas (Head of Design at Baituti Home).

The worlds of fashion and interior design have always flirted with each other, but lately, their relationship has blossomed into a full-fledged love affair. Marco Maximus, our Senior Interior Designer, recently participated in a panel discussion about this exciting collaboration, and his insights shed light on why fashion is having a major moment in interior spaces.

The Desire for a Branded Residence

Marco observes a growing desire among clients to incorporate fashion into interior design. It's not just about plastering logos everywhere; it's about capturing the essence of a particular brand's aesthetic. Think of it as curating a "branded residence" - a space that reflects your unique style and reflects the brands you love.

CID Power Panel Karl Lagerfield Residences (1)

A rendering of the interior of a Karl Lagerfeld-branded villa in Dubai.

It's all in the Detail

Fashion designers are masters of creating emotional connections through visual storytelling. They use colour, pattern, texture, and craftsmanship to evoke a certain feeling. Marco highlights how clients are increasingly drawn to incorporating these details into their spaces, “imagine a chair with stitching reminiscent of your favourite Hermes bag - a subtle nod to a brand you love, but without being overly logo-centric”.

CID Power Panels Hermes Chair

Hermès armchair in taurillon H leather, saddle stitch and piping detail.

The Power of Collaboration

Marco highlighted that while “fashion designers can be the drivers to the design with colours and detailing to reflect the fashion brand, interior designers ensure functionality and ergonomics.” Mohammed Aqra, Co-Founder of Arab Fashion Council added that “Interior designers bring us back to earth." This collaboration between the two disciplines is what creates truly successful and liveable spaces.

CID Power Panels Panelists Speaking

Collaboration Case Study

The panel discussion itself was a perfect example of this exciting synergy between fashion and interior design. The chairs used for the panelists were from the Stella McCartney x B&B Italia capsule collection, featuring a hand-drawn "Fungi Forest" toile de Jouy print upholstery inspired by Stella McCartney's Summer 2022 runway collection. This collaboration beautifully exemplifies how fashion aesthetics can be translated into functional and stylish furniture pieces, perfect for a luxurious and contemporary interior space.

CID Power Panel Stella Mccartney

The Stella McCartney x B&B Italia Chairs

Beyond Trends: Timeless Design

Marco emphasises the importance of timeless design over fleeting trends. "You want trendy pants, but not a trendy house," he says. While incorporating fashion elements can add personality, it's crucial to build a foundation that transcends seasonal trends. This is where the interior designer's expertise comes in, ensuring your home remains stylish for years to come and that you appreciate it more over time. However the "trendy" approach can work well with temporary activations and collaborations like what we see in beach clubs takeovers.

CID Power Panels Marco 2

The Future of Fashionable Interiors

The future of fashion-influenced interiors is bright. Marco predicts increased integration of technology, with smart homes becoming even more stylish. Additionally, sustainability and ethical practices are poised to play a bigger role, with consumers demanding eco-friendly materials and socially responsible production. 

11.TREEHOUSE Bedroom

Our hotel project for Treehouse, London, which focused on sustainability

Aligning with Sustainability and Technology

Interestingly, these trends align perfectly with the findings in our recently published Hotel Design Trends 2024 Report. The report identifies technology and sustainability as two of the most important trends shaping the hospitality industry today. Hotels are increasingly incorporating smart features and eco-friendly materials to create luxurious and comfortable experiences for guests. This synergy between fashion, interior design, and these key trends paves the way for exciting possibilities in both residential and hospitality spaces.

Download Hotel Design Trends Report 2024

A Final Thought

The marriage of fashion and interior design creates a world of exciting possibilities for those seeking unique and personalised living spaces and hospitality venues. By embracing this trend, you can cultivate a space that reflects your individual style and tells your own unique story.

Are you interested in incorporating fashion design into your hospitality venue? We have extensive experience in creating luxurious and timeless interior spaces. Get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate with you to design a space that relects your brand and resonates with your target audience.