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New hotels open every week all over the world, with hotspots like Dubai seeing a new space open its doors to guests what feels like every 5 minutes. An exaggeration perhaps, but to suggest that competition is extremely high all over the world for world-class hotel design wouldn’t be a ridiculous thing to say.

In fact, with over 700,000 hotels and 17.5 million hotel rooms worldwide, choice is greater than ever.

And consumer hunger for travel is also at an all time high post-covid; with many now attaining more location flexibility with their jobs than ever before, hotels are also shifting their offers to accommodate a new kind of traveller: the digital nomad.

One thing, however, has (and always will) remain the same: our love of beautiful hotels.

From ultra-luxury to understated and unique, quirky, themed spaces, we always appreciate a handsome hotel when we see one.

In this list, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful new hotel designs we’ve seen open their doors in 2023.

White Desert Antarctica - Echo Camp

Glamping is a word you probably didn’t think you’d see on this list, but Glamping in Antarctica(?!) - we’ll assume you’d never have guessed.

Alas, here we are, with 2023 opening Echo Camp your best opportunity for a stylish stay in icy Antarctica.

Sleep in space-inspired Sky Pods with incredible night sky views, visit Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat and retreat to the bar for martinis mixed with 100-year-old ice - a very cool place to stay, indeed.


The Madrid EDITION

The most exciting new hotel in the Spanish capital is a strong aesthetic statement, the red thread throughout being a heavy focus on contemporary design.

Each of the 200 rooms are all-white chambers, sound-proofed for total silence, brought to life by the rococo shapes of the bed headboards—also white. Incredibly stylish.

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Gleneagles Townhouse, Edinburgh

This new hotel from the legendary members’ club features outstanding architectural features throughout, with each room uniquely designed with understated luxury in mind. The property’s vibrant all-day restaurant is perfect for breakfast, long lazy lunches and spirited dinners. Two striking bars and a rooftop terrace offer incredibly city views – previously only visible to the statues that live on the rooftop.

HOT19 Gleneagles Townhouse 1
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W Costa Navarino, Greece

The first W hotel in Greece, Costa Navarino brings a huge element of fun and wellness, with poolside DJs and a series of fitness classes both at your disposal, while your cultural itch can also be scratched by the collection of works from upcoming Greek artists which grace the walls throughout.

Eco-conscious philosophy also plays a huge part, while calm neutrals, bespoke furniture, taupe drapes and geometric cushions give rooms a very of-the-now design.

HOT19 W Costa Navarino 1
HOT19 W Costa Navarino 2
HOT19 W Costa Navarino 3

The Cōmodo, Bad Gastein, Austria

You’d be mistaken for thinking this hotel is indeed a Bond villain’s lair.

But, inside, the hotel design is filled with 1960s nostalgia and elements of Viennese café style. But the best design feature is the large, panoramic windows that showcase the beautiful landscapes travellers come to see.

HOT19 The Cōmodo 1
HOT19 The Cōmodo 2
HOT19 The Cōmodo 3

Mandarin Oriental Palace, Luzern

This Belle Epoque palace has been renovated with the phenomenal views in mind; each of the 136 rooms has an incredible view of Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus, and - in terms of interiors - each room takes on a naturalistic colour palette as a nod to the hotel’s surroundings. 

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Exec Chef Gilad Peled has been given the small task of achieving 3 Michelin stars within the year - rather him than me.

HOT19 Mandarin Oriental Palace 1
HOT19 Mandarin Oriental Palace 2
HOT19 Mandarin Oriental Palace 3

The Ned Doha

The Ned has been one of London’s favourite spots since opening in 2017, since rolling out to New York due to their popularity on this side of the pond. And this year, The Soho House group - owners of The Ned Brand - have rolled out further afield, opening their doors in Doha, Qatar.

The Middle East is of course well known for one-upmanship and a general “whatever you can build, I can build bigger” ethos; The Ned Doha, however, has instead embraced an ethos of style over scale, with rooms exuding a certain ‘70s cool. Vintage touches such as Roberts radios and rotary phones and TVs hidden behind tapestries designed by local artists give this hotel a distinctly different feel.

HOT19 The Ned Doha 1
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Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape, Bali

It’s rare one stays in a hotel with no walls or no doors and considers it a good thing. But here we are at Buahan in Bali by Banyan Tree Holdings, which has to win the award for most stunning views on the list.

With just 16 villas, this exclusive resort features an infinity pool that makes its way into the wilderness.

Points for sustainability too: the Banyan Tree group ran a five-year long research project to study how the hotel would impact the social, agricultural, and cultural aspects of the surrounding area.

HOT19 Buahan 1
HOT19 Buahan 2
HOT19 Buahan 3

1 Hotel San Francisco

Sustainability has of course been a buzzword bandied about by owners of hotels, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and just about everyone else in the hospitality sector over the past few years - but 1 Hotel San Francisco is truly designed with and eco ethos at heart.

Interiors and furnishings are all designed using local materials, including reclaimed wood from the former San Francisco Bridge.

The location is also phenomenal - right on the waterfront overlooking The Bay - with a food and beverage offering that makes the most of the America’s best farmer’s market, which happens to be a stone’s throw away.

HOT19 Hotel San Francisco 1
HOT19 Hotel San Francisco 2
HOT19 Hotel San Francisco 3

Atlantis the Royal, Dubai 

This hotel bills itself online as “The most ultra-­luxury experiential resort in the world” - a clue as to the fact that they’re not messing around.

Housed next to its older sister, Atlantis The Palm, this is the newest of a long string of iconic hotels in Dubai. Each walkway through the hotel features Michelin starred restaurants, world-class bars and luxury shops - all to keep guests of the 795 rooms entertained.

HOT19 Atlantis The Royal Dubai 1
HOT19 Atlantis The Royal Dubai 2
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Lolebezi, Zambia

The Lower Zambezi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is celebrated for its extraordinary wildlife sightings including thriving leopard population and herds of elephants.

It’s now also home to Lolebezi, the latest addition to the African Bush Camps family, nestled in the unspoiled wilderness of Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park. Situated across five hectares of preserved land and boasting a kilometer of exclusive riverfront, this lodge offers an unparalleled perspective of the Zambezi River. The design, as you’d imagine, pays homage to the country’s culture and natural beauty.

HOT19 Lolebezi 1
HOT19 Lolebezi 2
HOT19 Lolebezi 3

The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad

Views in this Manhattan hotspot rival that of The Empire State building, with the slight advantage that they can be enjoyed from your bed.

Neutrals and naturals are at the heart of the design theme, with a classy gold and sand colour palette used throughout, while downstairs in the bar, lobby and lounges, wooden chairs, beams and panels are a prominent feature.

HOT19 The Ritz Carlton New York 1
HOT19 The Ritz Carlton New York 2
HOT19 The Ritz Carlton New York 3

Banyan Tree AlUla, Saudi Arabia

You may have seen this hotel on your social channels lately: it’s where Kanye West is hiding out while recording his upcoming album.

Not a bad ad for the new AlUla tented resort, which is inspired by Nabataean architecture, delicately blending solid structures and canvas coverings to offer privacy amidst breathtaking views. 

Spanning 22,561 square km of oasis valleys and ancient heritage, AlUla is a haven of nature and history featuring spacious, minimalist villas.

HOT19 Banyan Tree Alula 1
HOT19 Banyan Tree Alula 2
HOT19 Banyan Tree Alula 3

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

Step into The Standard, where colours collide, clubs vibe and Thailand's who’s who of young party goers come to play in the city's tallest skyscraper.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill 5-star Thai stay: you can forget the mundane expectations of Bangkok's luxe hotels. Here, they're redefining the luxury experience, dragging the street party inside and giving the region a taste of unprecedented revelry.

Say goodbye to beige and muted tones—this place is a polychromatic paradise.

HOT19 The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon 1
HOT19 The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon 2
HOT19 The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon 3

Lost Lindenberg, Bali

Lost Lindenberg is a hidden gem both figuratively and literally: poking it’s head out from the deep Balian jungle to peak at the surrounding ocean vistas, this resort welcomes guests in a way no other surf hangout in the region can.

With vibrant neon pop art and a quartet of wooden watchtowers towering as high as the surrounding coconut palms, this is a stay like no other.

HOT19 Lost Lindenberg 1
HOT19 Lost Lindenberg 2
HOT19 Lost Lindenberg 3

Ace Hotel Sydney, Australia

18 stories high with 257 rooms, The Ace is located in a beautiful former brick factory, which has managed to keep most of its old bones – high ceilings, exposed brick and concrete walls.

The hotel however is now offset with one-of-a-kind furniture, art, and bric-a-brac by the country’s best designers, artists, and makers.

Deeply comfortable rooms come in varying sizes, some with terraces, living rooms, and marble-clad bathrooms with deep bathtubs and kitchens; all rooms are soundproofed, and many feature their own turntables and selection of vinyl, too - a lovely touch to make your stay feel intimate and personal.

HOT19 Ace Hotel Sydney 1
HOT19 Ace Hotel Sydney 2
HOT19 Ace Hotel Sydney 3

Osborn House, Australia

A classic, English-style country hotel may not be what you’d expect to find in Australia’s Bundanoon, but find it you will. 

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and pine trees, Osborn House opened earlier this year. Designed in soft pastel hues of blue and green, this country house hotel is brought to life by an eclectic mix of furniture, prints and artworks, collated from flea markets and artists.

HOT19 Osborn House 1
HOT19 Osborn House 2
HOT19 Osborn House 3

Aman New York

Dubbed ‘New York City’s Most Expensive Hotel’ by Esquire Magazine, Aman’s first hotel in the USA merges The Big Apple’s iconic architecture with the relaxed luxury you’d expect when staying in any of the company’s 34 properties.

Boasting an impressive 7,000-square-foot outdoor terrace, a swanky spa and wellness centre spread over three floors and modern-luxe guest suites, this hotel is truly designed to help you immediately step away from the maddening crowds and into a world of bliss.

HOT19 Aman New York, USA 1
HOT19 Aman New York, USA 2
HOT19 Aman New York, USA 3

Life House, Berkshires

If any hotel opening were to fly the flag for the 1970’s style revival we’ve been seeing this year, Life House Hotels’ Berkshires opening would be the one.

The design is inspired by writer’s retreats of yesteryear, with literary touches seen throughout, such as old-school secretary writing desks, framed poetry and lampshades adorned with the paper backing of old books.

A retro colour scheme is also ubiquitous, with brown, avocado and orange tones throughout.

HOT19 Life House 1
HOT19 Life House 2
HOT19 Life House 3

Fancy a new design for your hotel? Concept missing from your brand portfolio? Check out our interior design services.

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