Whoever said “knowledge is power” obviously knew exactly where the best place to go for a dirty burger, who stocked the best beers and exactly how to get a table at the most coveted restaurant in the city.

It’s not in our nature to gatekeep Birmingham’s best places to grab some food and drink. Instead we like to spread the joy that England’s second city has to offer for those who are locals looking for their new favourite place or those who will be passing through and want to make the most of their visit. As this weekend was Small Business Saturday, we thought we’d round up the independent places that have quickly turned into our go-to places.

I asked a few of our team in the Birmingham studio which independents they loved and why. Here’s what they had to say.


Keshia Chauhan, Senior Client Manager
Tropea, Harborne

Tropea in Harborne is one of my absolute favourite places to go - especially for a special occasion. the food and drink is always incredible, and the customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced in Birmingham (and beyond!). Something really lovely they do is to add personalised messages to their menus which are printed daily for guests celebrating with them


Chris Morris, Interior Designer
Damascena – City Centre, Harborne, Jewellery Quarter, Moseley Village, Edgbaston

Walking into any damascena is like being hugged, the warmth, the sweet smell of pastries, treacle, fresh fruit, coffee and spices. They know what they do and they do it fantastically. With ultra-healthy options to pure comfort food, it’s always fresh, hearty and so tasty. Their interiors are cosy and relaxed and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in there not look they have left their cares at the door. I wish it stayed open past 7pm though, the amount of times I’ve rushed there for an early dinner!


Lou Salisbury, Brand & Experience Strategy Director
Indian Brewery, Birmingham

Birmingham is well known for its Indian food so maybe having an Indian restaurant on the list won’t come as a shock to many, but the Indian Brewery does things differently. It has been a firm favourite for me for a long time now. Their innovative street food brings together Indian street food classics with British favourites – like fish & chips. Not only that, but they brew their own craft beer. Which means you can enjoy great food with their own house-branded beers. We always massively over order because the menu is so good and we have no constraint!


Sophie Kapasi, Operations & Studio Manager
JuJu’s Café – City Centre

I love the relaxed vibe, it feels like you’ve gone round a family members house for some proper comfort food. It’s not pretentious or trying to be something it’s not. It feels family run (not sure if it is), but they seem to genuinely care about your custom.


Dave Cressey, Managing Partner
Tilt – City Centre

While it's easy to think Tilt is built around a gimmick because of the pinball machines, it's actually one of the best coffee shops in Brum by day with some incredible cakes, and also a brilliant craft beer venue by night, always with interesting beers on tap from obscure breweries you'd struggle to find elsewhere in the city. Plus, the atmosphere is always friendly and the pinball is a plus!


Ted Jones, Story Director
Original Patty Men (OPM) – City Centre

OPM do the best burgers in Brum. There I said it. Everything about them appeals to me, from the cartoon aesthetic of their brand assets, to the ever-changing menu (to keep things exciting). My mate and I have a ritual about it - order a couple of burgers, split and swap - so we can always sample the new stuff. Also - they have a couple of my stickers added to the collection in their kitchen. Mega.


Ollie Roddy, Marketing Consultant
Chakana – Moseley

Chakana does fine dining in a really nice, non-stuffy way, which suits Birmingham and Moseley to a tee. The guys used to run Michelin-starred Lima in London, and not only do they still make the grade food-wise, but their dishes are also worthy of any "Hang it in the Louvre" comments that may come their way. Lovely staff, too.


Ryan Tallent-Moore, Senior Brand Designer
Bonehead – City Centre

Honestly the best fried chicken I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot)!! The food comes out of the kitchen looking like Instagram food-porn and don’t even get me started on the DIPS!? Great craft beers (and they have spicy margz yum). The venue is also pretty cool too”.

A special shout out to Bonehead who got mentioned not once, not twice but FIVE times when I asked for everyone’s top independent place in Birmingham. If you haven’t been there before and you’re a big chicken fan, we couldn’t recommend it more. In fact, you’ll find some of our team there tonight because we’re such big fans.

We’re proud of the city we were founded in. It has always been a great city for food and drink, but the independent scene right now is thriving. Next time you’re in Birmingham, try one of these independent businesses and see what the city has to offer.

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