Spotify Pub BACKGROUND GUIDE 2 (1)

HELLO  Spotify Team

We are Keane, a hospitality design consultancy that helps brands to innovate everywhere people eat, stay, work, shop or play.

We love Wrapped: it brings people together. And we love pubs for the exact same reason.

So we got thinking: what if Spotify Wrapped landed in your local boozer?

Let us guide you through a new take on the Wrapped experience, down the pub...



For all to see

Projection allows us to bring Wrapped 23’s brightly coloured aesthetic to the face of your local – showcasing the sounds of the town and what’s currently playing inside, live on the wall.

It’s a vibrant invitation to join a one-of-a-kind experience that stands out from the street and let’s everyone know what’s going on, and more importantly, what's playing.

Step inside, and listen up

OK, so this is still a pub. It still serves up incredible drinks, has places to sit, talk and shoot the breeze. But of course, there's more to it. In Spotify’s pub takeover - music plays into every aspect of the experience. Firstly, by stepping into the space you're invited to add your music preferences to create a new, shared experience.

NFC tags embedded in the bar and table tops prompt you to add your Spotify data, and your music preferences get added to the collective. That means that your taste in tracks adds to the algorithm and DJ X (Spotify's AI) curates a playlist unique to the pub, and everyone in it. Of course you’ll be able to add this playlist to your favourites so you can relive this moment over and over.



Choosing a drink just got more interesting, and there are a couple of ways you can do it, depending on your preferred beverage.

How do you order?
Taste it? Stick with what you know? By looks? What about by sound? We’ve paired up every beer with a track – so grab the pair of headphones and pick your pint based on the tastiest sound.

What about cocktails?
We've got 12 on the roster for you - and each is paired directly with your Wrapped experience. This year Spotify looked at our listening habits and labelled us with our own "persona". Show us yours and we’ll serve you up the corresponding cocktail, tailored to your tastes.

Keep scrolling to find your cocktail


Important Flag on the Cocktails

They all sound gross!

That's because our F&B consultants are snowed under so couldn't get involved on this piece.

So we took your Spotify persona descriptions, fed them into ChatGPT and asked for a bespoke cocktail recipe matched to each one.

If we were to ever work on a project, rest assured the drinks would be very delicious indeed.



What sort of innovative tech experience would this be if there wasn't a pod of some kind? Cliches aside - we recognise that plenty of people visit their local not just to socialise, but also for their own peace of mind. Every pub comes with a history, and this is no different. So these private listening pods allow you to take a break from the running playlist of the pub and experience a trip back in time.

Music triggers a direct link back to memory and can be an incredibly powerful stimulus for nostalgia - something we all crave, and both Millennials & Gen Z are actively seeking out. Use the goggles to watch your favourite classic music videos, or just zone out and let your '23 Wrapped playlist take on the form of early 2000's Windows Media Player music visuals - past & present combined.



From solo to social - getting together is at the heart of pub culture, and Wrapped wants to tap into that. Sharing your music tastes with each other has always been a preferred pub past-time, so we’re taking it to the next level with these bespoke bookable booths.

Step in and tailor the booth to your specific group tastes by combining your Wrapped stats. Finally set yourself free by fessing up about those guilty pleasures - maybe you shouldn't feel so guilty about them after all? Throw your year in music onto the fully wrapped digital screens for all to see - and hear.




This year Spotify has literally put us on the map – pairing every listener up with a specific “sound town” that matches our musical tastes. This means each town has a sound.

Based on that insight, we took the most popular songs associated with your town and collated the best albums & singles as vinyls & cassettes. As you descend into the basement, take a step back in time to when people interacted with music physically. See the town's sound laid out in front of you and dive into this tactile, real-world experience.


As experts in seeing the World's favourite brands through a hospitality lens, we'd LOVE to chat about a brand that adds value to our lives almost every minute of the day: Spotify.

Open to an intro? Just use the calendar below to book a meeting with our CCO, Mike Roberts.