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A word on Ossiano...

Ossiano is a one Michelin-starred restaurant situated beneath The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, sharing a wall with the hotel's incredible aquarium.

On the back wall adjacent to the aquarium, a large screen shows images of giant fishes swimming by on a black background, creating an optical illusion on the real aquarium wall of gigantic whales and jellyfish floating past.

Our Dubai Studio just started work on the redesign of the interior, which should be launching next year.

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The giant screen directly opposite the aquarium: I must admit to whispering "Woah" aloud at first sight of the biggest jellyfish in history, only to smile when I realised the trick).

Ossiano Happy Valentines

As part of the experience, guests can also pay for a scuba diver to swim into the aquarium and up to their table with a personal message.

Considering the fact that Michelin-starred restaurants can often take themselves so seriously, this is a welcome touch of fun.

The Experience

The entire experience is centred around the chef and his explorations through food, all told through a small book, which sits central on the table throughout, and is the main reason I began to think of you guys while sat dining here.

Guests have the choice of flicking through the book to explore the anecdotal stories and learn what dishes they will be served, or allowing the entire experience to be a surprise (I went for the latter).

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Through the book, the chef tells his story, marrying the various chapters of his life with the dishes you are served throughout. The waitress doubles up as a narrator, reading the chef's story to you as she presents each new dish.

The book is always at the heart of the experience: a poignant example, with Assouline's hospitality experience in mind

The final dish is one I had to share with you guys as a book is not only centre stage, but also becomes the star of the show.

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