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From day one, the goal was to create a legendary London venue, discarding traditional restaurant norms for something more playful and hedonistic. And so, the eccentric MNKY HSE was born, signaled by its vowel-free styling, drawing inspiration from Miami's lively 'Vibe-Dine' scene that embraces a culture of carefree living, dining, and partying. Upon entering MNKY HSE, guests are welcomed into a velveted cloaked vestibule leading to a clubby lounge adorned with modern interpretations of Old Masters, setting the stage for the journey downstairs to a large restaurant space featuring private dining undercrofts where the 'monkey party' unfolds. MNKY HSE’s has become Mayfair’s most sought-after destination for fine dining and dancing, and has now been successfully franchised to Manchester, Doha and Riyadh, with further locations in the pipeline.

10.MNKY HSE Chandelier
13.MNKY HSE Entrance


They had a name, and a plan, but they needed an identity that would tie everything together. We worked with the team at INCA to bring them an ID that would play into the storytelling they do with their immersive entertainment. It goes to show how even the smallest components can have a huge overall impact when done right.

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Conrad St James

1 hotel, 4 venues and 1 Michelin-starred chef on a mission to reinvent British classics with a Victorian twist. An intriguing combination? We thought so too, which is why we jumped at the chance to work with the Conrad team and head chef Sally Abé to develop 4 unique F&B concepts at Conrad London St. James.

This included hedgerow-to-shaker cocktail bar, The Hedgerow, as well as The Pem, our ode to strong, empowered women inspired by the hotel’s unique connection to the suffragette movement which is named after Emily Wilding Davison – affectionately known to friends & family as ‘Pem’.

15. Conrad The Blue Boar
7. Conrad Outdoor Sign DSC 1084 Slider 01 (1)

Be At One

They gave us a call to help consolidate things. Be At One knew their operations were good and were clear on their skillset, but wanted support in tightening up their brand strategy so that they could continue to deliver well operationally. We've found that with established brands like Be At One - this exercise delivers over and over for tightening your team as well as creating a more cohesive experience for your customers. Once that's in place, menu development, comms, content and collateral really start to sing.

Keane Intros BAO Cocktail

Dirty Martini

Sometimes you just need a spicy new campaign. As was the case for Dirty Martini. They wanted to stand out from the crowd, but still do something that fit their audience. The Dirty Margs Fiesta campaign allowed their drinks to do the talking, with a few extra nods from us to make sure everything would appeal to their target audience - striking the right balance of nostalgia and playful, whilst still being serious about their offer.

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