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While we finish off the RFI response, I wanted to practice what we preach and create an innovative, personalised experience for you.

Below are some case studies we think you'll find really interesting.

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Mike Roberts


Here are a few of our case studies...


New-to-Market Concept | Experience Strategy | Interior Design

This is a project you'll definitely be interested in. Treehouse is a total Urban Oasis that works as an escape from the 'full on' nature of London's concrete jungle.

To me, innovative solutions need to think about human need rather than just focusing on technology, and the Treehouse hotel concept achieved exactly that.

11.TREEHOUSE Bedroom

Alive with opportunity

The chance to create a truly distinctive hotel experience is rare, even more so in the UK’s capital where the number of hotel rooms comfortably exceeds 120,000. It was an opportunity our teams immediately pounced on, creating a playful, forest narrative that was underpinned by sustainability at every turn. And so the Treehouse Hotel was born.

Key to bringing the design concept alive, quite literally, was our biophilic approach, which used large quantities of natural planting in the public areas in addition to creating a roof terrace on the 16th floor that brought a touch of the Mediterranean to Marylebone. The team also took inspiration from the industrial design and materials used in 1 Hotels properties in New York, however overlaid timber and colourful fabrics to naturally tie everything together.

Special attention was also paid to bringing the wilderness theme to the forefront in the hotel’s bar and restaurant areas, creating a destination where guests could reconnect with nature and loved ones alike. A quick look on the Treehouse’s Instagram page reveals it’s more than hit the mark.

9.TREEHOUSE Bird House






F&B Consulting | New-to-Market Concept | Experience Strategy | Branding | Interior Design

Another way we like to look at innovation is in the understanding of the local market - especially when considering hotel design - and how the hotel can serve both tourists and locals alike.

This was a restaurant concept within a hotel that achieved that in spades, focusing on the cultural melting pot that makes up Dubai's local community. A vital component of Dubai life is that every local feels a part of a progressive society, which this restaurant concept encapsulates.

15.NONYA Image
16.NONYA Image

Fusion creativity

Workshopping closely with the client, our creatives cooked up a strategic design concept that combined traditional ornamental elements with a contemporary twist, vibrant hues and bold talking points that sensitively captured the spirit of Peranakan culture. The name Nonya was born from the same authentic roots - 'Baba-Nyonya' is how the Peranakan Chinese people referred to themselves.

Next, came colour. And lots of it. Plum and teal combined beautifully to subtly tie spaces together, featuring on everything from ceramics and fabrics to menus and textured wall panelling.

Less subtle, but no less stunning, was the use of neon lighting, which flows throughout the venue adding another layer of vibrancy.

Eye-catching metal detailing also features heavily throughout Nonya, with an intricate mixture of lattices, chevrons and scalloped features all combining to bring a deeper level of Peranakan storytelling to the forefront of the venue.





Conrad St James

Branding | Campaigns & Comms

We created multiple brands as part of this project, but none more innovative or poignant than The Pem, a story which traverses history and the business' operational element.

The building this hotel is in has suffragette history, and is now run by an almost all-female team, including a female head chef. The brand we created and story we told ties all of this together, with female empowerment running throughout.

Our End-to-end Hotel Experience

Our experience in the hotel sector spans from development of new hotel concepts like Treehouse Hotel in London for Barry Sternlicht’s team at Starwood, where we developed the entire hotel’s narrative and design, to F&B masterplanning and concept development for resorts and hotels, such as the Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, where our F&B consulting team defined the F&B strategy and our studio went on to develop two unique F&B concepts in Nonya and Paros.

In the 3* space, we’ve also been working with the Premier Inn team for the last 2 years developing their new ID5 bedroom and ground floor concepts, which are now operational at 5 hotels in the UK and soon to be rolled out across their 800+ hotels.

We Love to Ideate and Innovate

Across the broader lifestyle sector, we’ve been developing some exciting and innovative new experiences, from masterplanning and concept development of 18 ground-breaking new F&B venues at Sindalah for NEOM to creation of interactive brand experiences for Fever-Tree, Absolut Elyx and Breitling.

We’ve also been having some fun creating new immersive entertainment-led F&B experiences too, which are perfectly represented by our London concept’s Inca and MNKY HSE – which take ‘vibe dine’ a whole new level.

F&B Consultancy Images Paros2

Paros Dubai

2.NONYA Image


3.TREEHOUSE Corridor


F&B Consultancy Images Paros Dubai 2

Paros Dubai

16. Conrad The Blue Boar

Next Steps

I’d love to talk you through some of these projects in more detail, hear about some of the innovation happening over at Hilton right now and  talk about your plans for 2024 and beyond. Up for it? You can book directly into my calendar below.

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