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It was excellent to talk with you recently and we're very excited at the opportunity to work with you to bring Haidilao the attention it deserves! Please read on for some further examples of work we've completed that we feel is relevant to you and the project executions we feel would have great impact and help deliver against your marketing goals.

Pub & Grill

You might be wondering what a pub group has in common with Haidilao - but it's actually the internal process that we helped them with that would be valuable to you.

We created an annual calendar of activity and worked with their team to produce centrally managed and location specific content. This could work very well for your sites in the UK, helping to drive specific content and increase site awareness (and sales!)

Photography & Videography

We'd strongly recommend creating a fresh suite of video and photography assets specifically designed for a UK audience - we can work with a range of styles and would work with you specifically to determine the right aesthetic that fits with the already established Haidilao brand. Here's some examples of the different work we've done with previous clients.

10. KIMPO CASE STUDY Girls Laying Down
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11. CP Photographer
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External Signage

There's a variety of ways we can support your street presence at the Birmingham site (and elsewhere if you would like). Here's some work we completed for Premier Inn recently. Window vinyls, digital screens - along with some concepts for innovative street outreach. All of this would definitely help Birmingham know where you are! We'd love to learn more about your mascot too - we're sure there's more that could be explored with their application.

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