Keane Interior Logo History

We are Keane. We will always be Keane because we were started in 1995 by Aidan and Lou Keane whom, along with our CEO Jeremy Scarf, set our vision and drove our business. The DNA is deeply embedded. But we are evolving. Introducing Consult & Create. “Why, and what does this mean?” I hear you ask.

In a nutshell, Consult & Create is who we are. Keane has always been known for branding and designing some of the best and most compelling experiences all over the world. And whilst creative inspiration was the heart, soul and driver of those experiences, it was never done in reckless isolation. We have always advocated that our teams get super close to our clients, working hand-in-hand with them, seeking input, actively listening, and asking challenging questions. Co-creating brands, concepts, and destinations with them. Being consultative in our approach. After all, there is no point in creating something amazing, if it’s not the amazing the client needs.

Managing expectations. Minimising uncertainty.

Time has moved on and the world has become even more demanding. Expectations are growing ever higher. Meanwhile, the desire for certainty is only increasing.

With the explosion of digital analytics and data our clients are being challenged to be more robust in their decision making. In other words, you better make sure that idea you have is going to work. So, who do you turn to when you need certainty? Well, it's simply a no brainer to bring in a consultant with their unique perspective, proven methodology and a solution-focused toolkit.

Clever these consultants. Plus, highly schooled in the art of business development. When they're responsible for a company’s business model, it makes sense that they also take ownership of its positioning, vision, and mission. And in a world where the C-suite increasingly prioritises design, and experience as much as data, it's only logical that consultants would seek to own those areas too.

Seren, Allen International, Droga 5, Karmarama, and Fjord are just a few of the well-known, creative agencies that traditional consultancy firms have snapped up in the past decade to do exactly that. Suddenly, the once-dry, corporate world of consultancy is rubbing shoulders with the cool kids of branding and design.

But here’s the thing: they got it right. Why wouldn’t you want a partner who can not only provide strategic guidance but also help implement that strategy in a meaningful way? Who could offer a more holistic approach that addresses both your strategic and creative needs.

We’re all in

So, we’ve embraced this with the launch of Consult & Create. Actually, we embraced it quite a while ago. For the last five years we’ve had brand, experience and F&B consultants working at Keane: looking at the big picture; deep diving with clients to inform them on business, brand and experience strategy; and yes, generating models that drive success for us and our clients.

And it’s working. Whether it’s a giga project in the Middle East or a new-to-market concept in Europe, our clients love the surety we bring to their decision making and the ease with which that moves seamlessly into design and execution.

So, what do our creatives, writers and designers think?

Well, they love it too. It turns out that a brief built upon a strategy born of market insights and a well thought through business case, that defines the offer and appeal and paints a clear picture of the audience is a lot easier to work to than a one liner saying, “Give me something 'wow' and never-before-seen that isn’t going to blow the budget!” We've found a tight brief stimulates creativity by providing a clear framework for exploration and innovation. And it’s working wonders.

An add-in not an add-on

So, are we the same as big consultants who have bolted on creative agencies? Well, yes and no. Yes, we offer consultative services to complement our design offering, but we don’t baton pass from the one to the other. For Keane, consultancy is not an ‘add on’ it’s an ‘add in’. We sit together, bouncing off one another and learning from each other’s expertise and perspective.

Our consultants are being challenged to think with creative freedom. To generate ideas outside the box; to challenge assumptions; to explore new approaches to solve complex business problems, leading to innovative solutions and unexpected breakthroughs.

Our creatives are thinking like consultants of value; to understand the broader business context; to ask the challenging questions; to identify the pain points. Providing creative solutions that drive business success.

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground

“Head in the clouds and feet on the ground” was one of Aidan’s favourite sayings. I think it perfectly sums up Keane. We were never simply a design agency; we always had a consultative mindset. Everyone at Keane consults. Everyone at Keane creates. We always have done. It’s just now we are doing it smarter and better than ever. And we want the world to know. We’re Keane. We Consult & Create.