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Hotel Design and Consultancy Services

Creating Unforgettable Hotel Experiences

The Future of Hotel Design

The hotel industry is at a pivotal moment. Travel habits have evolved, competition is fiercer than ever, and guests are making decisions based on a multitude of factors including sustainability and unique experiences. The pandemic has reshaped expectations, and now, more than ever, hotels need to innovate to stay relevant. At Keane, we understand these challenges and are perfectly placed to help you navigate them. With our deep expertise in brand design, interior design, experience strategy, and F&B consulting, we create hotel experiences that resonate deeply with today’s discerning travellers.

Why Keane is Your Perfect Partner

Keane combines over 30 years of hospitality design experience with a focus on creating memorable guest experiences. We excel in brand strategy, interior design, experience planning, and F&B consulting, making us the ideal partner for both new hotel concepts and revamping existing spaces. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every project stands out and meets the evolving needs of today’s travellers.

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Our Approach: Consult and Create

Our Consult and Create model ensures that all creative thinking is underpinned by research, data and truth. We always consult on your audience, business goals and sector to ensure every idea we come to the table with is grounded and purpose-driven.

Our Core Services: From Dream to Reality

We work across 3 Studios – UK, Dubai, Riyadh - with 70+ permanent staff and a wide network of global partners to deliver our [SEO FOCUS] projects.


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Brand Strategy & Design

From your resort to the numerous food, beverage and spa brands within it, we can create or redefine brands to resonate with your target audience, from logo design to expression and brand guidelines.

Al Khozama


We strategically plan major resorts, ensuring optimal placement of F&B offerings and other amenities based on audience dynamics.

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Experience Strategy & Design

We craft experience flows that evoke the right emotions at the right moments, ensuring a memorable stay for your guests.

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Hotel Interior Design

Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and aligned with your brand identity.

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F&B Consulting

From menu design to overall F&B strategy, we help you create dining experiences that enhance your hotel's appeal.


Across 30 years, and now with 3 studios, we've delivered hundreds of projects across [SEO KEYWORD FOCUS HERE]. From [PROJECT TYPE] to [PROJECT TYPE] and beyond, it's fair to say this ain't our first rodeo.

Treehouse The Nest

Treehouse Hotel

A nature-themed hotel haven, giving guests the gift of true tranquillity in the midst of the bustling crowds and craziness of London.


Hilton – Kimpo, Conrad London St James

We transformed Conrad London St James with multiple brand projects, a unique design and a strategic experience plan.

JUMEIRAH 42 Midtown

Jumeirah – 42 Midtown, Lah Lah (Zabeel House)

We worked with Jumeirah to create standout F&B concepts that attract and delight guests time and time again.

"Keane are amazing. They designed my new restaurant concept, and I couldn't be happier". Eaty McEaterson, Easterson's Scoff House

Not to brag, but our [SEO TERM] projects have been seen in:

Vogue Business
Hotels Magazine
The Guardian
Entrepreneur Magazine
QSR Magazine

Why Choose Keane

Consult and Create
We always strive to create unique and innovative brands that are grounded in facts, insights, data and a unique strategic approach

Extensive Cultural Expertise
We have an incredibly diverse team from dozens of different cultures, religions and backgrounds, giving us an edge in destination branding projects

Inside Out, Outside In
We look at the world through your eyes, because nobody sees the world like you do. And we look at your brand through the world's eyes, because no-one critiques you more honestly

Experience Matters
For over 30 years we have been creating memorable experiences everywhere people eat, stay, work, shop and play. We design for the experience beyond the brand

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Let's Talk: Ready to Transform Your Hotel?

Ready to transform your hotel? Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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What does a hotel consultant do?

A hotel consultant provides expert advice and strategies to improve various aspects of a hotel, including operations, management, marketing, and design. They help hotels enhance their guest experience, increase profitability, and stay competitive in the market

What does a hotel design consultant do?

A hotel design consultant offers professional guidance on the aesthetic and functional aspects of a project. This includes creating design concepts, selecting materials, and ensuring that the design aligns with the client's vision and brand identity. They work across various industries, including hospitality, to create spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

What does a hotel designer do?

A hotel designer focuses on creating and enhancing the visual and functional aspects of a hotel. This includes interior design, layout planning, and selecting furnishings and decor. Their goal is to create an environment that enhances the guest experience and reflects the hotel's brand.

How do I start designing a hotel?

Designing a hotel starts with understanding the target audience and defining the brand. The process includes creating a concept, developing detailed plans, selecting materials and furnishings, and overseeing the construction or renovation. Partnering with experienced designers and consultants, like Keane, ensures that the project meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.

What makes a hotel design unique?

A unique hotel design combines functionality with creativity, reflecting the brand's identity and catering to the specific needs of its target audience. It includes innovative layouts, bespoke furnishings, and thoughtful details that enhance the guest experience and create a memorable stay.

Who designs a hotel?

Hotels are designed by a team of professionals, including interior designers, architects, and design consultants. These experts collaborate to create cohesive and functional designs that meet the aesthetic and operational needs of the hotel.

What is the difference between a designer and a design consultant?

A designer focuses on creating the visual and functional aspects of a project, including layouts, furnishings, and decor. A design consultant, on the other hand, provides strategic advice and guidance on the overall design process, ensuring that the project aligns with the client's vision and brand. They often collaborate with designers to implement the best solutions for the project.