gather beneath
the fever-tree

Building a home

Fever-Tree were in need of a new brand-home. Somewhere immersive and interactive to showcase their product and their ethos at their Hammersmith head office. A place that would introduce new team members, buyers and anyone else interested to the world of Fever-Tree – a physical embodiment of the premium mixer brand. How can you turn down a brief like that?

2.FEVER TREE Tree Centrepiece

Mixing with the brand

The building itself is fantastic, and we inherited a space flooded with natural light from sky lights, full of architectural character. That considered, there wasn’t much room, space was limited, but still the area needed to be as flexible and multi-functional as possible, allowing for tours, active working areas, meetings and larger events.

The best way to understand, interpret and express the brand was to immerse ourselves in it, so while some of our team knuckled-down researching the history of the brand, looking for the richest storytelling opportunities, the rest of them joined a tasting session hosted by Fever-Tree themselves. They got to experience the products first-hand, and even discovered their perfect pairing. Thankfully Fever-Tree gave the research team some samples to take home too, so everyone got a taste in the end.

A brand story that lasts

The resulting creative strategy and design scheme perfectly encapsulated Fever-Tree, their premium positioning and commitment to natural ingredients, from a carefully considered colour palette that complemented the wide product range of dark and light mixers, to natural materials and lush foliage that fill the space.

Storytelling is ever important, and we found opportunities to showcase the brand’s unique message through messaging, artwork – even a bespoke wallpaper. Interactive elements like the ‘apothecary’ drawers became a standout feature, giving people the opportunity to actively engage with the ingredients, making the story something tangible and real, and as a result, more memorable.

10.FEVER TREE Drink In Drawer
6.FEVER TREE Bar Angle

Fever-Tree front and centre

The hero is of course the “fever tree” itself (the quinine-producing Cinchona tree, from which the brand got its name), providing a strong focal point that also conveys the brand’s origins in a striking, physical way. As prominent as it is, adaptation of this space was always key – so this tree can be wheeled into the corner or out of the room completely when space is needed for events – just one of many solutions we found to make the environment as flexible as possible.

Having a well-designed bar was a must from day one – but this was no ordinary set up. Conventionally you hero spirits, (back bar design 101), but as Fever-Tree’s brand strapline is ‘if ¾ of your drink is mixer, mix it with the best’ it was clear the mixer must be king. So we flipped the typical design and layout to ensure that the mixers were the focal point at eye level, properly showcased with, you guessed it - ¾ of the merchandise space given over to them.

7.FEVER TREE Bookshelves

New life from the roots
of the fever-tree

Don't just take our word for it

Once upon a time it was near impossible to get buyers out of their office for a meeting, but now they all want to enjoy a meeting in the spiritual home of Fever-Tree. Craig Maitland Retail Operations Director
9.FEVER TREE Booth Seat