Already inspired

Sometimes our clients come to us with a concept fully formed, and they need our help to unlock and articulate that vision – as was the case with INCA. Our client had just returned from a trip through South America, and they had their intentions already laid down. In their own words:

“INCA was born out of a desire to satisfy a large gap in the hospitality industry where people could dine, dance and be wowed by a professional storytelling performance. Latin America, with its rich history of design and gastronomy, was the perfect region from which to create an experience that immerses a customer in a world of discovery.”

From there, we needed to bring the brand to life with its own unique identity, translating it across a suite of content, guidelines and comms - ranging from matchboxes to menu design.

6.INCA Iconography

Story of the Sun & Moon

Our core focus was to create a brand identity that could flex and adapt as the day turns into night and the restaurant transitions from a dining space into a party venue. On top of that, we had to make sure the brand would stand out in the crowded Mayfair market, drawing people in to try something new.

The best way to do that is with a good story, so we started where the story began and hosted interactive sessions with our client to better understand their vision, the brand personality and key aspects from South America we could lean on. From there, we proposed three creative territories that would guide the development of the logo, colour palette, and typography. Each route had unique imagery, cultural significance and a rich story, but it was the story of Inti the Sun God and his wife Mama Quilla (The Moon Mother) that sparked the richest story to explore.

Core to Incan culture, the balance of Sun & Moon played perfectly into the daypart flex, and would in turn begin to inspire more than our brand identity, but also influence the overall dining & show experience too.

Let the Gods be your guide

The final execution of the logo is minimal, bold and confident – hinting at the letterforms whilst still being legible. It all helps to build a little mystery, that pairs perfectly with INCA’s attitude to premium dining & entertainment. Inti and Mama Quilla can also be found within the wordmark, guiding guests throughout the customer journey as core parts of the brand architecture, present across comms and collateral and into the environment.

Bringing everything back to the Sun & Moon – the colour palette further reflects the transition from day to night, as sliding gradients take you from a rich sunset to a cool night sky. Textures and tones inspired by the Latin American landscape help ground everything in authenticity and quality. While a flash of gold foil nods to the luxurious and flirtatious nature of the experience itself.

7.INCA Billfold
9.INCA Matchbox
10.INCA Menu

flirting with AUTHENTICITY

12.INCA Entrance
13.INCA Entrance02