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Stand out from the crowd

It's not every day that you get four briefs in one go, as was the case when the Hilton team at Conrad London St James reached out for our support. We were asked to rebrand each of the F&B spaces within their hotel - a fine dining restaurant, a British pub, a cocktail bar and a tea-room.

They were separate spaces and interior design development had already begun, but each concept needed to be clearly differentiated from the other, their purpose defined and perhaps most importantly, they each needed a story that would help them stand on their own, not just as hotel amenities.

original black and white portrait of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison
4. Feather Tray

Emily Wilding Davison AKA "Pem"

Hilton had already signed on renowned Chef Sally Abé to head up the kitchen, and the team wanted to ensure that the story of the fine dining restaurant would support Sally's approach to running a female-led team, and provide an opportunity for unique guest engagement. Luckily for us, the building itself already had associations with the origins of the suffragette movement, so it seemed only right that we bring these two forces together, exploring the stories of strong, empowered women to provide further inspiration. That was when we came across Emily Wilding Davison, known to close friends and family simply as 'Pem'.

A radical suffragette that literally put her life on the line multiple times in the pursuit of equality. Dedication, passion, craft - all characteristics we know she shared with her culinary counterpart, Chef Sally Abé. As well as her name, we took note of Emily's presentation. As was the case with many suffragettes, she understood the importance of showcasing her femininity as a strength, and so often wore feathers to emphasise this. This became an icon to the restaurant, a symbol that could be shared with guests and another link to Pem's story.

5. Conrad The Pem Menu (1)

Inspired & refreshing cocktails

8. Conrad Hedgerow Sign (1)
9. Conrad Hedgerow Image

The Hedgerow

Each concept needed ties back to Britain in one form or another to aid in tourist trade and engage with local pride & heritage - and this lobby cocktail bar was no different.

We knew the cocktails would contain local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible, and what could be a more convenient and local source of fresh fruit and berries than a countryside hedgerow? Quaint, natural and quintessentially British, our approach to the name and visual identity also influenced the approach to interior design, as they incorporated the brand colours into the space, and even the cocktail menu focused more on seasonal hedgerow fruits like blackberries and sloes.

All tied together with an elegant and considered menu design, with pen and ink botanical illustrations to unify the space with the experience.

13. Conrad Image
14. Conrad The Hedgerow Gif (1)

History and heritage

15. Conrad The Blue Boar
16. Conrad The Blue Boar

Blue Boar Pub

The Hilton team were very clear with their direction for the redevelopment of the Blue Boar. The name carried with it a great deal of heritage and local prominence, previously associated with the Brewer's Society and a hot-spot for known politicians to brush-up over brunch, but it had lost direction and needed to get back to those British roots.

With a new menu developed by Chef Sally Abé (alongside her running of The Pem) the British call backs were strong and true, serving up Victorian pub classics with a modern twist. Our branding had to reflect this approach, with a strong and sturdy 'no nonsense' word mark, alongside a stamp of authenticity that we developed across pump clips for their own lager, coasters and window decals.

18. Conrad The Blue Boar Slider 03

A secret garden, an ever-changing space

The Orchard Room

Finally, The Orchard Room - originally a space between spaces that needed to be adaptable, yet ownable within its own right. Our approach to this space's iconography drew heavily from the nearby Hedgerow's look and feel, leaning into the delicate and botanical, but elevated to a level that could easily accommodate wedding receptions and corporate meetings alike. 

The result is a refined brand mark with delicate yet purposeful botanical aesthetic - elevating the whole experience - making the space ideal for taking afternoon tea or making those mundane meetings a guaranteed delight.