Best I ever had...

Dirty Martini needed something stand out for Summer. Something that would appeal to their customer base, give out the right Summer vibe and most importantly - blow every other bar out of the water. Enter the Fiesta. We took on the project and turned around a quick campaign that brought the vibrant Summer energy (and got the spicy margaritas flowing)...

2. DM Marg Image

Accessible Glamour

What does glamour have to do with a Summer Margarita campaign? Everything.

The key to this concept was to take the attitude a level up, whilst retaining the right amount of sunshine that makes everything feel more fun. Elegant typefaces, sleek shapes, balanced with playful wording and vibrant colours - they brought everything together in a neat (and ever so spicy) package.


The Perfect Marg

An editorial style approach to the comms gave everything a greater sense of weight. Every social post felt like it was supposed to be there. Chosen by the most glamorous individuals to inspire their own brunch plans.

The campaign worked at three levels, and all were connected. Consistent typefaces and colourways helped keep everything familiar but allowed moments to stand out and hold the stage where needed.

The cocktails held centre stage, but we sold Summer evenings through the ambience of imagery and light-play textures...


7. DM Brunch Icon

This brunch stays out late

A successful campaign doesn't just live in one place. It plays out across your guest-journey, from social comms, to in-venue collateral, across print, digital, static and animated.

Considering all these elements whilst staying consistent and doing it all on a budget can be difficult when working across multiple teams and with different agencies, which is why our team tackle everything together.