Making brands impossible to ignore.

In an ever-competitive world, brands need to grab attention. With the campaigns and communications we develop for our clients, we find exciting ways to challenge the norm and create engaging content to captivate audiences. However big or small, whether it’s launching your brand for the first time, telling your brand story to new audiences or communicating a new promotion, we know how to deliver successful campaigns and comms to make your brand easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

Campaigns&Comms Hiltonsummer


Planning is everything

The key to success with campaigns and comms is planning, which is why we spend time getting to know your brand and your brief. What does the brand stand for? Who are you looking to engage? What are the commercial objectives? What creative platform and brand assets do we have to work with? And of course, the age-old question; what’s the budget?

The answers to these questions set the foundation of any campaign or brand comms project, which is why it’s so great when we’ve done this groundwork already for a brand through our brand strategy and branding teams – meaning we intrinsically and instinctively know these answers, as we created the brand in the first place.

8.HUDDL Comms


Strategy & storytelling

We understand how to tell great stories and which channels are the best place for those stories to be told. From identifying the campaign hook to development of the campaign and comms strategy to identify the most appropriate channels, we’re at our best when given the opportunity to define the strategic framework before we begin exploring the creative execution. This allows us to ensure the approach and thinking is strategically sound and will deliver the results you’re looking for.

And then the fun starts. Creating content for our clients that stands out and stops people in their tracks. Be it photographic direction, video production, digital assets or printed comms – we know how to excite your audiences and entice them to come back for more. Our focus is always on rich storytelling expressed through exceptional visual and verbal creative development, ensuring we create a strong creative concept that will resonate with existing and potential customers.

Campaigns&Comms Gkpub&Grill


On-brand and on-message

Our design teams then apply the same level of insight and consideration to the collateral we create, from consideration of the perfect message hierarchy to the right design expression to ensure it’s both on-brand and on-message. 

Our studio is able to work end-to-end, taking our design direction and assets through to design rollout and artworking, guaranteeing consistency and cohesion across a full suite of collateral, as well as ensuring important tactile considerations such as paper stock and finish are reflective of the brand positioning.

6. CP Menu Group


The art and the science of menu design

We’re also specialists in menu design and development, having crafted menu solutions for clients in the F&B sector for over 25 years and amassed a great deal of learnings and insights that enable us to apply both a creative (the art) and strategic (the science) approach to these projects.

This takes into consideration important factors like menu format, layout, navigation, flow and a number of behavioural and psychological tactics to help achieve your commercial objectives. And yes, before you ask, this has fundamentally altered our personal experience of eating out and ordering from menus as consumers forever!