Exploration is everything

For the third year in a row Hilton asked us to take on their estate-wide Summer campaign, aimed at encouraging guests to explore and discover new tastes and flavours across their many F&B venues, all over the world. With mouths watering, we got to it...

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Wild tigers and Wes Anderson

First things first, this was all about food and the variety available. The goal was simple, to evidence the great range of new flavours on offer across the Hilton F&B estate. The catch - create an identity that would be recognisable enough from social to table top, without interfering with the individual F&B venue's own branding. The breadth of that estate presented further challenges, as we would have to fit comfortably in fun & vibrant environments, as well as higher-end, more premium settings.

After reviewing successes from previous campaigns, and a look around at how others were operating in the market we landed on territories that covered everything from tigers to Wes Anderson. Knowing our client and the opportunity, we knew that weird, wonderful and wild ideas often lead to the most interesting results. From there, looking for story opportunities, creative experimentation and further discussions with the Hilton team ultimately led us to 'Roam Free'.

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An adventure in luxury

Developing the right look was key, how do you stand out and look striking whilst still blending into the environment? Though we didn't go down the tiger route, we certainly took inspiration from them. A tiger's stripes truly are iconic when seen on their own, but amongst the dappled light of the jungle they blend in seamlessly. We had to take the same approach - once isolated across socials, the identity should appear striking and recognisable, but in the context of a restaurant, subliminal and part of the environment.

An elegant serif played as the base for the final lock-up, providing that safety for the luxury brands, whilst break-out characters showed unique styling that spoke to the more daring and lively venues throughout Hilton's F&B portfolio. The result is a fun, yet premium lock-up that showed experimentation, variety and a touch of adventure. Paired with a looping background line that led the audience on their next culinary adventure...

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A Summer on social

From social stories to tri-corns on tables, the final execution was subtle but everywhere. Rolling out across the UK and Europe first during their summer months, before moving over to the Middle East and Asia when things started to heat up. The campaign sits proudly amongst the highlights of Taste Of Hilton's Instagram page, inspiring their chefs to continue to explore and experiment with new flavours, and bringing guests along for the ride.