Generation gap

Stonegate approached us to develop a brand new forward-thinking, future-proofed concept that would turn the dial on what a sports bar could be for two existing Walkabout sites in Nottingham and Derby. The question was, how do you refine a classic in a way that would encourage target Gen Z to get involved? That was the challenge for Live Social.

First things first, we got under the skin of what had made Walkabout the huge high street staple it’s been for almost three decades. Then we identified any opportunities where innovation could be dialled up to 11 to create the ultimate sports bar concept for a super savvy modern audience.

2.HUDDL Play


5.HUDDL Neonsign

Game on

Innovation was only going to come by recognising and reflecting the wants and needs of our target, Gen Z. However, this is a generation that doesn’t play by the same rules as the Millennials that preceded them, nor do they splash cash with reckless abandon. We knew from our research that live sports still had a big pull and would be perennially popular for those that want it, but also that drinks promotions, live music and heavy theming just wouldn’t cut the mustard for this audience.

Instead, we’d need to bring the game to them. Because watching the big match live is one thing, but being able to game themselves was the real sweet spot we needed to hit. So in came the competitive socialising, with e-gaming rooms, ping pong, shuffleboard, e-darts, pool and more. We also tapped into Gen Z’s love of nostalgia with some retro arcade gaming.

Bold school

Having defined the concept vision, we went on to develop a brand strategy with a bold brand mantra and set of values, personality traits, brand amplifiers and key brand messages to make the brand as distinct and differentiated as possible – perfectly encapsulated with our We Killed Boredom mantra.

The brand identity suite combines a bold logo, sports-inspired imagery, shapes and colourways and an attention-grabbing tone of voice that’s full of confidence. Each venue also had its own individual identity (to avoid those pesky ‘chain’ perceptions) that was underpinned by the ‘Live Social’ brand unifier. Our execution was unapologetically punchy and no-nonsense, combining straight-talking messages with a typography-led design that is equal parts motivating and entertaining.

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Wall to wall energy

Our equally bold interior design scheme continued the references to shapes, colours and textures from the world of sport, from our sports tunnel booths to the netting effect on the exterior of the Nottingham site.

You’ll also find irreverent design details and messaging virtually everywhere you look, from wording inscribed on the side of tables to large 'look at me' neons. All of it speaking with the same confident tone of voice specifically designed to delight guests and get them to whip out their phones, upload a photo to their social of choice and create the sought after user generated content (UGC) that serves as the most excellent and effective free publicity.

On top of this we amped up the sport experience, from stadium-style bleacher seating and the biggest screen and sound-system possible to bookable tunnel booths with a personalisation panel to choose your own channel, mood lighting and sound. In other words, making it the next best thing to being at the game itself. Plus, with a new street-food style food offering complete with open kitchen, an ‘everything on tap’ bar and a programme of live entertainment, we knew we could create the ultimate place to kill boredom.

10.HUDDL Auditorium
11.HUDDL Bar