Refined and reimagined

Completely reimagining spaces has always been a passion of ours. So when the owners of Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis Hotel asked us to transform their existing GQ bar into a high-end Chinese restaurant and late-night lounge, we couldn’t possibly resist. Even more enticing to our creatives was the fact the owners wanted to steer clear from stereotypical Chinese fine dining and instead create a dynamic space reminiscent of the streets of downtown Hong Kong.

2. TAN CHA Entrance
3 TAN CHA Light

A journey awaits

The challenge wasn’t simply creative, it was operational too given the two floor layout, and the owners wished to maintain the existing kitchen and bars in their original locations along with the washrooms and central staircase. So we’d need to transform a space originally conceived solely as a bar into a luxury restaurant that would deliver seamless service for guests. No small feat.

While the disjointed nature of the space could easily have been viewed as a negative, we turned it to our advantage. The unusual navigation through the venue became a mysterious and luxurious journey of discovery, creating a real sense of adventure for guests that further separated it from the opulent masses.

LIVING the experience
through the space

A feast for the senses

An experience designed for the most adventurous of mind, Tàn Chá provides a truly sensorial experience across its five main areas. Each room has its own uniquely designed wall coverings, depicting Chinese culture through a rich array of colours, textures and sheens. 

Powerful MADRIX LED lighting systems bring a further level of dynamism by transforming the mood of each space as day turns to night – and dining turns to dancing.

7 TAN CHA Table
8. TAN CHA Neons


Strategy & symbolism

Inspired by Chinese symbolism, the abstract nature of our crane logomark made it a powerful graphic asset that could be used throughout the venue on everything from the modern menus to the traditional wall art. We told an entire story through menu creative, encouraging guests to explore the full breadth of the menu and enjoy the experience of perusing through the many considered and well-crafted cocktails on offer. Subtle strategy at its best.

In its most interactive guise, holographic cranes brought a real sense of playfulness to the first-floor bar area. The crane’s birdcage also acted as a narrative device, being used to striking effect as a gateway to the private dining room experience, and an immediate reaffirmation of Tan Cha's brand icon.

10. TAN CHA Menu
11. TAN CHA Drink
13. TAN CHA Woman With Chopstix

Don't just take our word for it

Working with Keane through the initial concept conversations all the way through to delivery was an absolute pleasure. The way the concept evolved into the masterpiece which shines in every corner at Tàn Chá has made us stand out from the crowd in ways we never could have imagined. Mark Eggberry - General Manager