What's at the heart?

Imagine distilling the essence of 'social connection' into a name and brandmark that instantly resonates. That was the big challenge with Together & Co.

The goal? To welcome the local community into a relaxed F&B space that fosters social interaction and treats people like family. Fresh food and drink would take centre stage, serving as the catalyst for meaningful conversations and new connections.

2. Together & Co
3.TREEHOUSE Corridor

Bringing it all together

After an extensive naming process to balance the clear purpose of the space with nuance of an effective and approachable name, we turned out hand to how Together & Co. would look as a brand.

Ultimately that came down to the selection of the right visual elements to convey the essence of 'social connection'. The creative and unique styling of the ampersand became a stand out feature exclusive to T&Co, serving as a visual symbol and connector in both the brand mark and communication materials.

With the logo locked down, we turned to visual language, typography and additional assets. Branded stickers were strategically employed to reinforce key messages of 'fresh,' 'local,' and social aspects across various comms & collateral. These stickers, always accompanied by the 'core brand sticker,' work collectively to establish a unified brand voice.

Small, personal, authentic touches of bespoke, handwritten phrases were strategically placed to enhance the warmth of Together & Co, particularly in the food and drink menus. At the end of the day, it's the sum of small details that complete the overall experience.


9.Together & Co

Together forever

A successful campaign doesn't just live in one place. It plays out across your guest-journey, from social comms, to in-venue collateral, across print, digital, static and animated.

Considering all these elements whilst staying consistent and doing it all on a budget can be difficult when working across multiple teams and with different agencies, which is why our team tackle everything together.