Food for thought

As one of the main mall operators in the MENA region, Majid Al Futaim (MAF) came to us having identified an 18% increase in consumers citing F&B as a mall visitation motive, which presented a major strategic opportunity. We were briefed to develop a new full-service dining restaurant to be opened across their mall locations - the first being located at City Centre Mirdif, Dubai. However, with 84 dining options already available at the mall we quickly understood this simple brief wouldn’t be solved with simplistic thinking.

2. Solcasa Exterior
3. Solcasa Menu

Going places

As we so often do, we kicked things off with a series of workshops to discover what consumers really wanted. The illuminating insight was identifying a clear mall shopper pain point, which was a complete lack of F&B choice, with many highlighting their frustration with repetitive menus and cut & paste dining experiences. Naturally, this was music to our ears, as it afforded us the creative freedom to push beyond the competition and serve up something that felt deliciously different in the form of a Mediterranean-themed offering.

We quickly got to work developing a brand pyramid for MAF, that would inform everything that followed from our logo designs and colour palettes through to the dining experience itself. The brand essence of Be Transported was born. These two words perfectly encapsulated how the restaurant’s modern twist on Mediterranean cuisine would take diners on a journey from the first bite to the last.

6. Solcasa Interior

Casa sweet casa

With the theme and brand essence agreed, it was time to start exploring brand names. It needed to have creative cut-through, but also evoke the thought of a summery Mediterranean escape. Our solution was Solcasa, a portmanteau of Sol (sun) and Casa (home) that conjures up thoughts of lazy afternoons in the sunshine in a relaxed homely setting.

Name agreed, next came the task of creating a logo and developing a distinctive look and feel. Naturally creating instant warmth was a must, as was creating a clear connection with the Mediterranean cuisine being served up.

Following much development our final logomark was created, which subtly combined a window device intertwining with an olive branch and sun. This was complemented by elegant typography and a rich palette of greens and reds that instantly made Solcasa diners feel right at home. 

Our work wasn’t quite done yet. Cobbled flooring, exposed timber beams and extensive greenery were all used to transport diners from the hustle and bustle of the mall straight into the warmth of a traditional Mediterranean grandmother’s kitchen.

7. Solcasa Lamp
8. Solcasa Bookcase


10. Solcasa Apron
11. Solcasa Bag
12. Solcasa Interior

Don't just take our word for it

We wanted something materially different from the standard mall dining fayre; that would appeal to consumers wanting to escape even if for just an hour or so. Keane really understood the ambition and helped us develop a brand and concept that whisked the consumer away to the delights of a Mediterranean meal. Martin McGoldrick – Development Director Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas & Leisure & Entertainment