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Remember when caviar used to be the epitome of old-school luxury? The stuffy, black-tie affair where people would indulge in tiny spoonful’s of fish eggs while sipping champagne and speaking in hushed-tones? Not anymore. Caviar has undergone a major makeover, and it’s officially cool again!

In the past, caviar was synonymous with opulence and exclusivity. It was a status symbol for the elite, a food so rare and expensive that it was out of reach for the average Joe. But times have changed, and so has the perception of caviar. It’s no longer reserved for stuffy soirees; instead, it’s attracting a younger, hipper crowd who are giving it a fresh look.

So, what’s driving this caviar comeback? Let’s dive into it. 

1. Instagram-worthy presentation

One of the main reasons for caviar’s resurgence is its aesthetic appeal. Caviar dishes are inherently photogenic, as well as coming with automatic humble-bragging rights. Chefs are getting creative with their presentations including everything from sushi rolls to potato chips. 

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2. Fusion flavours

Caviar is no longer limited to traditional pairings. Creative chefs are experimenting with fusion flavours, adding caviar to tacos, burgers and pizza. This infusion of global cuisines with the luxury ingredient is breaking down the barriers of what caviar should be, making it more relatable to a younger demographic.

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3. Affordable options

While top-tier caviar can still cost a pretty penny, there are more affordable options available now. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a taste of luxury. Caviar brands are offering smaller tins and budget-friendly selections, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The Caviar Co also teamed up with Pringles to create kits for the unique pairing starting at under $50. Not only does this make it an entry level way to experience the product, but the brand collaboration itself helps with the changing perception of caviar who you wouldn’t have put side-by-side with a FMCG brand like Pringles.

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4. Bumps for all

In 2022, doing caviars bumps (licking caviar off the back of your hand) was trending on social media. Restaurants responded with offering by offering it on the menu. Institut Polaire, the self-proclaimed ‘coolest locale in Tasmania’ have a caviar bump on their menu and Temple Bar in Manhattan added them to its menu when it reopened. At $20, it’s an accessible way to try caviar for the right time or to treat yourself without a huge price tag that comes with buying a tin. 

Whilst bumps in bars are making caviar more readily available, it’s not always on known. At Tokyo Record Bar (New York), diners can order a caviar with sake for $20 but you have to know to ask for it as you won’t find it on the menu.


5. The rise of foodie culture

The rise in foodies and the culture of food appreciation has played a significant role in caviar’s contemporary appeal. People are eager to explore new tastes and textures, and caviar provides a unique culinary adventure. It’s no longer about showing off wealth but showing off a sophisticated palette.

Now caviar has shed its old-school image and embraced a younger audience, is it time for you to consider about how caviar can be added to your menu too? Our team of consulting experts can work with you to find out whether caviar is hot or not for your audience and your concept. 

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