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Looking at the recent global colour trends shared by Stylus, Coloro, WGSN and Pantone, we have compiled 10 core colours that are expected to be very popular in Autumn/Winter 2023 through to Spring 2024. 

As the global authorities in consumer and colour trends, we wanted to dig deep into their insights and predictions to know what is going to be hot, and what will not, for the next few seasons. 

Taking the soon-to-be trending colours, we’ve created 3 core colour palettes to use as inspiration for how they may come to life for brands, spaces and products. 

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Bold escapism

Bold escapism is a dreamy palette that combines ethereal pastels with bolder fantastical pigments. The above is the perfect example of the zen Cypress Blue, and the lightness of Calico being combined with Deep Red. 

It is a fantasy-driven colour direction influenced by dream-like narratives and aesthetics. It reflects an escapist mindset that blends reality with the imaginary as a coping mechanism for everyday life.

We’ll see this merging in space design with furniture and objects from different art movements and styles are being mixed and layered in a novel aesthetic that champions thoughtful curation.

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Imperial Play

A galvanised palette that mixes refreshing clean tints with hot solar brights. This example of Clean Reset in action brings together the coolness of Uniform Blue with the brights of Glow Orange and Process Red. 

These refreshing clean tints and solar brights balance with pure white tones, reflect transparency, clarity and new beginnings. Industrial materials are assembled in creative ways to allow for disassembly, and thus circularity, while smart yet simple designs have a pleasing order.

This colour direction will show how primary hues can be used in playful yet practical ways. Geometric shapes and graphic placement can be used to animate flat opaque colour, while matt/gloss finishes add surface intrigue. Straightforward applications of bold red, yellow, blue or cyan will contrast against bright white backgrounds for a clean and organised look.

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Fluorescent World

This dynamic palette blends natural colours with hypnotic hues. Fluorescent World is a wild and impactful direction that puts the natural world front and centre. Underpinned by profound respect for plants and animals, it acknowledges both their wonderful oddities and innate ingenuity.

In the example above, Vista Blue is combined with Phylox and Goblin to create an enchanting palette that feels soft and whimsical – having an almost psychedelic appeal. 

We’ll see hypnotic patterns in bold, botanical hues heighten digital experiences and invigorate hard surfaces and products. Tactility is introduced through humble materials and earthy textures, while gentle colour from organic pigments advocates care and consciousness.

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