A new contender

When expert boxer Prince Mateen of Brunei wanted to create an original boutique gym brand and experience, we didn’t hesitate to get in the ring. With a deep knowledge of gyms across the globe, Prince Mateen had a clear vision in mind of what he wanted to achieve, so our task would be to bring it to dynamic life while overcoming the not insignificant challenges that exist when launching a new brand in the height of a global pandemic.

In the Prince’s own words: “We want to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. Fitness for me is very important to be productive. The boxing scene in Brunei has really elevated in the last few years, so I hope people enjoy the gym as much as I do.”

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Instant impact

With a clear vision to work with, we first interrogated how the space could be most effectively used to deliver a world-class fitness experience that in addition to championing boxing would provide ancillary fitness facilities such as yoga and Pilates studios. Our team of strategists then identified who the target audience should be (aside from HRH of course).

It was then time to create a look, feel and attitude for the brand. Ordinarily, our storytellers would get down to the job of creating a name and narrative for the brand, however Prince Mateen had this already covered – and so JAB Gym was born.

An impactful colour palette of black and yellow was developed, while the design style took industrial inspiration from the gyms of New York and East London. Materials such as raw concrete and blackened metals conveyed power and grit, while the addition of champagne metal accents, Italian marble and bespoke detailing brought the high-end factor required to set the gym truly apart.

Much thought was also given to the way light would be employed throughout the building, with a specialist consultant brought onboard to help our project team in Brunei.

A unanimous victory

The project was successfully delivered within the agreed 18-month timeframe, with the close collaboration between our BHX and DXB studios key to overcoming the many uppercuts thrown at the project by the pandemic.

Since opening, target membership levels have been reached with extension plans being considered. JAB Gym merch has also proven greatly popular, with new items consistently selling out within a matter of weeks.

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